A Game of Dwarves Features

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Interview: I’m going, I’m going, I’m going deeper underground…

One of the new titles announced at this year’s Paradox Convention, little is known about A Game of Dwarves aside from what’s on the fact sheet they provided us (and the assets), we sat down with the CEO of the studio to get some initial details on this quirky title.

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Preview: A dash of Dungeon Keeper, a smidgeon of Evil Genius, and a drop of Dwarven Fortress: all the components of a Game of Dwarves.

Imagine PC games are people, and like people, they have faces. Still with me? Right, now imagine they have bodies, limbs, and shoes. Now keeping all of that in mind, think of Dungeon Keeper, all humanoid and tall. Put fluff on its face, slice a few inches off its height, and give it a Scottish accent. Then do the same with Evil Genius, Dwarven Fortress, and The Settlers.

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Preview: You Dig or you Die.

The Dwarves, they delved too deeply and too greedily and knew not what they awoke – mainly a strong sense of nostalgia for classic management games like Theme Hospital, or SimCity 2000. It’s a niche that hasn’t really seen much action recently, and the threat of exposing a Balrog-level bitchslap would be daunting to any would-be project manager taking on A Game of...