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PC version of A Game of Dwarves gets new DLC

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Paradox Interactive has announced that developer Zeal Game Studio has released spacey new downloadable content for A Game of Dwarves, the dwarf-themed dungeon building game.

A Game of Dwarves trailer is spoof nature documentary

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Zeal Game Studio's A Game of Dwarves has just received a new trailer which gets narrated as we get taken on a spoof Discovery Channel-like journey into the Dwarves' natural habitat.

It's a strategy-management game where the goal is to build and manage a thriving Dwarven settlement underground. It's got a little bit of a Dungeon Keeper vibe, which is no bad thing.

Pre-orders for A Game of Dwarves being taken

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Paradox has announced that their strategy sim A Game of Dwarves is now available for pre-order for the PC version. Pre-ordering the game will include the Ale Pack DLC.

A Game of Dwarves goes into closed beta

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Paradox Interactive has announced that their real-time dwarf management strategy game, A Game of Dwarves, is now accepting applications to engage in the closed beta.

Paradox to showcase four new titles today

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Paradox is going to have live demos of four of their upcoming titles later today.

Showing on TwitchTV, gamers will be able to site through presentations and Q&A's for Dungeonland, A Game of Dwarves, The Showdown Effect, and Starvoid.

To take part in this event, go to the official Paradox Interactive Channel from 11am PDT / 8pm CEST

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