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Age of Empires II: Conquerors Reviews

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9..9 My Score My Opinion · by Malthak ·

Good Points:Great economy management,massive armies.You will never get bored.There is always something new to do.Even in single player gaming the computers sends you chat messages giving the imression that you are playing with a friend.Great Map Editor.Its very easy to understand.The choice to play in skirmish mod in real maps like Mongolia.Great graphics for the year it was created.

Bad Points:In the Map Editor you cannot place multiple forces at once but instead only one at a time.

Synopsis:There are no words to describe this masterpiece.The fact that its still played world wide after ten years is justifiable.Its the father of the rts genre.If you dont have any problem about the graphics then buy it or download it from a site.In my opinion even better than age of empires 3

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