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Pirate MMO ATLAS Lost 90% of its Playerbase Since Release

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You could even say that the ship's just about sailed.

ATLAS Low Memory Mode - What is Low Memory Mode and How to Use It?

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If you are playing (or, rather, attempting to play) ATLAS on less than 16 GB of RAM, you're going to be interested in using the low memory mode functionality.

Hackers Invade ATLAS With Infinite Dragons and Mortars, Servers Inevitably Taken Offline

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Positively flooded with hackers, ATLAS hasn't had a very good weekend, as it turns out.

ATLAS Ship of the Damned - How to Destroy a Ship of the Damned in ATLAS

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Have you come across massive bone-crafted ships that you can't seem to take down no matter what? Well, this primer might help you out.

ATLAS Turns Out to be a Reskin of ARK: Survival Evolved, Buyers are Livid

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2018 hasn't been a good year for new 'game-as-a-service' releases, and ATLAS is no different, it seems.

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