Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom Latest Updates

KOEI TECMO releasing Attack On Titan 2, a sequel to their 2016 video game based on the popular anime

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The second Attack On Titan videogame will launch on Early 2018, and although it's expected on at least PS4 and PC platforms are still yet to be announced.

Bloody Up A Christmas Tree With These Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom Weapons And Costumes

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Attack on Titan has always been viewed similarly to Die Hard. Ultra violent, cold and somewhat emotional; but the real value of both of those titles from from their Christmas setting turning them into the prefect holiday pastime. Actually, that's a lie. But Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom is getting some festive weaponry, at least.

Watch a full level of the Attack on Titan game in action

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Attack on Titan is a certified phenomenon in the anime world, and it’s surprising that the series has taken this long to get a full-fledged video game adaptation. Wings of Freedom will be the series’ first game on home consoles and PC, faithfully adapting the story of the anime to an interactive setting, and there’s a feature length gameplay video today showing a full level in action.