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Nordic Games adds a big list of small IPs to its portfolio

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Nordic Games is really amassing quite the collection of games. I mean, seriously, the list is starting to look like my Steam library, half of it made up of classics and the other half made up of tiny, weird things that I’ve never heard of but somehow own.

New content heading to Xbox Live Marketplace detailed

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A bunch of new Xbox Live content, and release dates, has landed over on Major Nelson's blog. Alongside the Harley Quinn DLC for Batman Arkham City, players can sink their teeth into some Sega classics, and an intriguing Popcap sale.

Bang Bang Racing gets June release dates

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Digital Reality has announced that Bang Bang Racing will be releasing on North American PlayStation Network on the 5th June, Xbox Live Arcade on the 6th June, Steam on the 8th June and European PlayStation Network on the 13th June.

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