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Battleforge Returns As EA Grants Permission Of A Fan Revival Under A Different Name

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Fans are looking to breathe new life into a game EA decided to kill off a number of years ago with the publisher actually giving the team the go-ahead.

Collectible card game Battleforge being closed after four years

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Free-to-play virtual collectible card game Battleforge will be shuttering on the 31st October, which is unsurprising with the closure of developer EA Phenomic.

Spellforce developer EA Phenomic shuttered

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German developer EA Phenomic has been shuttered by Electronic Arts. The developer had best been known for the Spellforce series, as well as creating BattleForge. The studio also worked on Lords of Ultima and Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, a browser-based free-to-play RTS.

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