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The ultimate strategy game based on the tabletop that spawned MechWarrior stomps into action.

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Battletech Flashpoint Release Date Announced

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Time to blow up the tropics.

Battletech: Update 1.2.0 Has Officially Been Released

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More fixes and improvements than you could shake a stick at.

Battletech gets its first DLC Expansion 'Flashpoint' in November

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Superb mech strategy game Battletech will get its first proper DLC expansion, Flashpoint, in November.

Paradox Interim Report: Two Cancelled Projects, Good Revenue Numbers

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Paradox have just published their financial report for the period from January to June 2018, and things are definitely looking good for them. Here's a short summary.

Paradox Interactive are buying the Battletech devs

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Paradox have announced that they will buy Harebrained Schemes, the developers of Shadowrun Returns and Battletech.

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