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The ultimate strategy game based on the tabletop that spawned MechWarrior stomps into action.

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The Best Strategy Games on PC

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From antiquity to the far future, the strategy genre allows players to command armies and build empires in a variety of scenarios. Here is our list of best strategy games on PC.

Battletech: Urban Warfare Brings Tactical Mech Combat to Massive Cityscapes this June

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This mech-oriented turn-based strategy is getting a major new expansion this June. Here's what you should expect from Urban Warfare, and when.

Battletech: Flashpoint Has Been Released, Adding New Mechs and More

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The first major expansion pack for Battletech is now out! Here's what you get by buying it.

Battletech Flashpoint Release Date Announced

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Time to blow up the tropics.

Battletech: Update 1.2.0 Has Officially Been Released

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More fixes and improvements than you could shake a stick at.

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