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Black Mesa: Xen Gets Official Trailer, Release Date

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It's coming, and it is positively glorious.

Black Mesa - The Ambitious Half-Life Fanmake - Is Nearly Complete

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Unlike a certain few other publishers, Valve seem completely open - and encouraging - to the idea of fans doing what they won't. Those fans are almost done recreating Half-Life in its entirety, and they're dishing out a quick sneak-peek.

Free mod version of Black Mesa will omit Half-life's alien Xen levels

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Hey, remember late on in Half-life, where you got zapped to an alien planet and ended up in gladiatorial combat with a giant, quadruped testicle? Yes, that was weird, wasn't it?

Well the free mod version of total conversion remake Black Mesa won't contain such a scene, development team Crowbar Collective has revealed in a Reddit AMA. In fact, it will omit the alien Xen levels of Valve's classic entirely.

Half-Life remake Black Mesa now on Steam Early Access

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Crowbar Collective, made of former Black Mesa Development Team members, has just brought their Half-Life remake - Black Mesa - to Steam Early Access. It's very close to the original with a few creative differences.

It's a community "re-envisioning" of Valve's iconic Half-Life, which introduced us to Gordon Freeman. Now we get the classical journey infused with new life powered by Source. They're '85% done'.

Black Mesa to be sold on Steam, open sourcing maps and some assets

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The indie dev team behind the total conversion Half-Life 2, Black Mesa, has announced that a standalone version will be available and sold on Steam.

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