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Blair Witch Review.

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Blair Witch Fuse Puzzle - How to turn on the truck lights

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We're here to show you how to solve the annoying Blair Witch fuse puzzle and get those truck lights working, so you can progress.

Blair Witch Game Lock Combo - How to solve the bunker puzzle

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Looking for the Blair Witch game lock combo to make it through the bunker puzzle in chapter 4? Here's how to open the bunker and solve the puzzle.

Blair Witch Patch Notes - First Performance Update Released

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The first performance update for Blair Witch is now live, its patch notes revealing the addition of HDR and ultra-wide support for the 3440x1440 resolution, alongside a few bug fixes.

Blair Witch takes "between 5 to 6 hours" to complete

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Blair witch game length won't be too spectacular, but it will offer alternative endings for added replayability, according to developers.

Blair Witch Gameplay Trailer Released - Watch it here

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The new Blair Witch gameplay trailer prominently features the lead character's companion dog, and we are all very worried.

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