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Boiling Point: Road to Hell Reviews

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Good game. · by paelleon ·

A mix of first person shooter and a RPG. The main character starts with few skills (but his 10 years in the French Foreign Legion?) and few money. Many missions must be completed to gain the experience and the money to equip Meyers to deal with the main storyline bad guys.
The problem is that if you do favor for a faction, other factions will be displeased, very displeased. So you must choose carefully your allies, but rest assured that nobody is much stronger that the others.
The map is quite big and very detailed. Sounds and musics are good.
The only drawback is the graphic engine that results heavy and with my AMD XP2600, 1GB RAM, 6600GT with 256MB, I had to scale down to low detail to have a decent frame rate. Another example of how an overdetailed graphic could ruin a game.

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