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Bulletstorm Features

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Interview: If you don't read this interview I will kill your dick...

Bitch-tits, fungal rim-jobs, spikes and dismemberment... Bulletstorm has certainly caused a stir with its colourful dialogue and over the top action set-pieces, but underneath it's slightly silly exterior lies a deep and serious game wanting to change the world slightly. We sat down with two of the front runners behind the game, Cliff Bleszinksi from Epic Games, and People Can...

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Preview: There's a storm a-brewin' in our Bulletstorm preview.

Has there ever been such a manly name for a video game as Bulletstorm? You can just imagine some beefy, hotshot hero taking out hordes of baddies with an automatic weapon, then turning to the camera and muttering the word in his gruff voice, before stamping on a few heads. "Bulletstorm"... *crush*. Of course, considering the amount of lead you'll be pumping into your...

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Preview: Raining blood. (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

What did you expect from a collaboration between Painkiller creators People Can Fly and Gears of War overlords, Epic Games? A cerebral puzzler? An artsy platformer? Or a balls-to-the-wall shooter that could potentially be the most frenetic, pyrotechnic example of the genre yet? Bulletstorm might be the most headache-inducing FPS we've ever laid eyes on, but it looks as though it'll be a...