Burnout Paradise Reviews


Burnout Paradise Review

Criterion said that they wanted to craft a stunning, truly next-gen game for their next-gen debut, and they have done: there's almost nothing wrong with Burnout Paradise.


Burnout Paradise Review

The hotly anticipated update from Criterion delivers the goods, although not packaged as you might expect.

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It's not takedown, but it is still great! · by madpuppy ·

I love the Burnout franchise, Burnout 3 Takedown was such a great game that it was the only game on my Xbox that I never thought of trading in. matter of fact, I used to call my old Xbox my Burnout machine is was so fun. Burnout Paradise is great in it's own way and as with every new iteration of the Burnout franchise Criterion always pushes the envelope and tries something different. First off
this is one expansive game! the map is huge! from city streets to mountain roads, bridges, dams, mines, construction sites and a marina, if you can see it in the distance there is probably a road that will take you there. To really get the feel for this game I would advise just driving around Paradise city. just like if you moved to a new town you will need to get familiar with the streets to get anywhere. It is almost required to be able to win the challenges in my opinion.
It's OK because there is allot to do in Paradise city without engaging is challenges.
also, the only thing that I can say that really
kind of slows down the game is that when you want to get to a location, you will have to drive there. if you want to redo a challenge that you lost, you will have to turn around and go back to where the challenge starts, much like how it would be in real life. and if you want to change cars, you will have to find a junk yard.
for me finding seems to always take to darn long.

overall, the game is a must have for any Burnout
fan and a game that I will keep until the next Burnout comes out.

it is 3:30, so I am going to cut this short....

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