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Caribbean! reborn as Blood and Gold: Caribbean!, coming December 10

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Caribbean!, a swashbuckling action-RPG using the Mount and Blade engine, was a promising game developed by Russian developer Snowbird Games Studios with help from Mount and Blade developer TaleWorlds Entertainment, was a promising concept. However, despite being in Steam Early Access, the game was rushed out the door back in February with many promised features left out.

Now, Snowbird has announced that a more feature complete version of the game, Blood and Gold: Caribbean!, will be arriving on 10 December 2015, and will be free to owners of the original Caribbean! game.

Sandbox pirate game Caribbean! sails out of Early Access

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Snowbird Games' sandbox pirate game Caribbean! has left the Early Access cocoon on Steam and is now available in its beautiful butterfly final form.

Well, sort of. The game's ready to go, but Snowbird recently explained that several planned features didn't make it into the release version, and will follow on as free pieces of DLC.

Early Access pirate sandbox Caribbean! set for full release this month

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Snowbird games has announced the full release date for Caribbean!, its pirate-flavoured sandbox RPG based on the Mount and Blade: Warband engine. It's due out on February 20.

Though the game's moving out of Early Access, development on Caribbean! will continue, with several features planned for post launch, including naval sieges and a few other mechanics that didn't make it in to the initial release.

Caribbean! bringing sandbox pirate action to Steam Early Access

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Developed by Snowbird Games and based on Mount & Blade: Warband's engine, Caribbean! is a sandbox pirate RPG with both land and sea based battles.

It's basically "Mount & Blade with pirates." No, those aren't my words, they come from an official press release sent to Strategy Informer today.

Snowbird Game Studios announces new action-RPG, Caribbean!

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New Russia-based indie developer Snowbird Game Studios has announced a new action-RPG based during the Golden Age of Piracy, Caribbean! The game allows players to choose their career in a world filled with brutal sea battles, boarding fights, duels, political intrigues and piracy.

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