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Cell: emergence updated, now on Steam Greenlight

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The "dynamic voxel" arcade shooter that is Cell: emergence from New Life Interactive has been updated to v1.1, with the major change highlighted as "visual tutorial screens" to better explain what it's all about.

The curve of difficulty "remains steep," warns the studio, but hopefully a sale on digital store Desura will help lure you in. It's selling for just $0.99 until February 4th. It's also campaigning for Steam.

Cell: emergence comes to PC and XBLIG on 9th February

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New Life Interactive has announced that the studio's first game, Cell: emergence, will be released on 9th February on Xbox Live Indie Games, Gamers Gate and other digital distribution platforms. A demo will be released on 7th February.

In the game players fight a nanoscale war against disease inside the body of a sick child. The game's story is written by Deus Ex writer Sheldon Pacotti, and the gameplay is inspired by 80s arcade games like Centipede, Defender and Missile Command.

Deus Ex scribe working on indie game

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Sheldon Pacotti, a developer who penned the first two Deus Ex games, has revealed more of his new indie game, Cell: emergence, which he has worked on under the banner New Live Interactive.