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Probably the first RTS game I bought · by chiroho ·

I well remember this game, what with NOD and the GDC battling it out. How I loved the Orca and its attacks from the helipads inside your base. That and the tank rush, where you had just a huge wave of mechanized vehicles charging across the map and sweeping all in their path. Yes, this game did have its limitations and problems, but it was awesome to play. Old school now, but hopefully soon to be revived.

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Best RTS To Date · by JamieSI ·

Well who hasn't played the very first C&C? You mean you haven't? You better go out and get yourself a copy, if you can find it.

With the release of C&C Decade you should now be able to get this title with it working on Windows XP along with all the C&C games.

This game has everything, the game-play is great, the music is good and the fun you get out of it is well worth the cash you spend. The best thing about this title is, it bring a great series of titles to the world which even now, is going strong.

It's one of my favourites to date.

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