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Warren Spector Was Once Working on a Command and Conquer RPG With EA

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We almost got an immersive sim set in the legendary Command and Conquer universe. Almost.

EA announces new Command & Conquer game, but you don't want it

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Command & Conquer: Rivals is coming soon... but it's only on mobile. Dammit.

Is A New Command and Conquer Game In Development At EA?

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As veteran CNC designer Greg Black returns to EA after 9 years at Blizzard, we ask ourselves: could this be Command and Conquer's time to return?

Watch Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 On VR

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An Unreal Engine 4 developer has remade Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 and has it playable using the HTC Vive.

Command & Conquer fans band together to resurrect series' multiplayer

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The latest game series to crawl from under the shattered monolith that was GameSpy is Command & Conquer.

Fans of the venerable RTS franchise have banded together to provide a new server for several titles in the series, in order to replace those shut down when the multiplayer service was discontinued.

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