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Company of Heroes 2 Summary


Company of Heroes 2 Review

Company of Heroes returns, but can it improve on an already winning formula?.

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SEGA Says Make War Not Love On Febuary 16th in association with Creative Assembly, Relic Entertainment and Amplitude Studios

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SEGA in association with Creative Assembly, Relic Entertainment and Amplitude have announced another Make War Not Love event that will run from February 16th until the 19th. The annual valentines mocking promotion pits communities against each other to win various prizes.

Company of Heroes 2 Master Collection now available on Steam

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Company of Heroes 2 was one of the site's favorite games back in 2013, earning a 9.0/10 score in its review, with the subsequent downloadable content and expansions never earning less than an 8.0/10 score. Now, Sega and Relic Entertainment have released The Master Collection on Steam, which includes the original game plus all of the released content for the game.

New Company of Heroes 2 update goes live on December 3rd

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Company of Heroes 2, the much beloved World War II era military real-time strategy game from Sega, is getting overhaul as it rolls out its December patch. Players are in for new units, commanders, intel, and general quality tweaks for the game.

Sega announces free trial for Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces

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Not sure if you want to splash out for a new Company of Heroes 2 army? Sega is giving you a chance to try out standalone multiplayer expansion The British Forces or free.

Kicking off at 10:00am PDT/6:00pm BST/7:00pm CET on August 31 and ending at 2:00pm PDT/10:00pm BST/11:00pm CET on September 2, up to 55,000 players will be able to try out the British army's sixteen new units and six unique Commanders, as well as take a tour of the expansion's eight additional maps.

Relic introduces new Centaur tank unit in Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces teaser

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The British Forces expansion for Company of Heroes 2 adds a couple of new units into the mix alongside the basic roster that we're familiar with from the first game, and one of them is the Centaur tank.

Which, handily, has just been profiled in a spotlight video from Relic. Packing twin 20mm autocannons housed on a Cromwell chassis, the Centaur can tear through both infantry and aircraft with ease.

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