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Shining a light into the shadows, then running on them.

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Dev diary released for Contrast on the making of the game

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Focus Home Interactive has released a new developer diary for their shadowy platform-puzzler game Contrast. The two minute diary is narrated by Guillaume Provost (Director), Joshua Mills (Set Designer) and Whitney Clayton (Visual Designer), as they discuss the game's origins.

Focus Home teases Contrast, a 2D/3D puzzle platformer in shadows

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Compulsion Games has put together Contrast, which is a blend of 2D and 3D puzzle platforming, with the switch between the two in the hands of the player as we jump in and out of our own shadow.

We explore the "surreal 1920s dreamscape," in a world full of performance, intrigue, magic and deception. We play as a little girl's imaginary friend as we figure out what's wrong with her family.

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