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Midnight City to publish Gone Home and Double Fine's Costume Quest 2

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Majesco Entertainment's indie label Midnight City has just grown by two projects. They will publish Double Fine's recently announced Costume Quest 2, and Fullbright Company's Gone Home for console.

Both indie games are due later this year. Double Fine are bringing back the candy craze this Halloween as our favourite trick-or-treaters return to do battle in their costumes.

Double Fine "still trying" to secure Stacking and Costume Quest IPs

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Tim Schafer has confirmed his studio is "still trying to get the rights" to their bite size properties Stacking and Costume Quest, which were picked up by Nordic Games during the THQ auction.

They're even after Brutal Legend from EA and Iron Brigade from Microsoft. They want to bring full IP and distribution rights "in house." Later in 2013, Double Fine's Kickstarter project releases.

Double Fine 'asks for THQ bankrupcty filings', reveals source

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Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions is sniffing around the THQ bankruptcy case, says a source close to the dealings. The independent studio has asked for the paperwork filed by THQ.

Warner Brothers have also requested the same documentation. Double Fine and THQ have worked together in the past, as they published Stacking and Costume Quest.

"Wisdom is lost" when teams disband after projects, laments Tim Schafer

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The practice of downsizing teams within the games industry after a project has completed is disastrous, argues Tim Schafer. It's one of the "most frustrating things" going today.

A team comes together and "maybe they struggle and make mistakes" but they've "learned a lot" by the end, and then "they are disbanded." All the experience is just "scattered to the winds".

Schafer talks up free-to-play virtues, laments the 'unchangeable past'

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Double Fine Productions' Tim Schafer is all for the rise of free-to-play despite how it has been applied "scarily and slime-ily" in some cases. It lets games "grow over time organically" without a huge bill.

Schafer regrets not being able to have an "ongoing relationship" with fans of Brutal Legend and the like, as there were so many things he wanted to add. It was a game that suffered 'poor communication'.

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