Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

EU & US Release date: 21 Aug, 2012
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Features

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Interview: We interview Chet Faliszek about Counter Strike: Global Offensive...

It's a game that helped shape the first-person-shooter market, and to date the entire franchise has over 25 million players. It's simple, addictive... and now Valve want to bring it in the modern era of gaming. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the official 'sequel' to 2000's iconic terrorists vs. counter-terrorists shooter. We talk to lead man Chet Faliszek to get more...

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Preview: Terrorists win? Counter-terrorists win? Whatever, Chris Capel probably won't be alive to see it.

Format Played: PCCounter-Strike is single-handedly responsible for both my addiction to online multiplayer gaming early last decade and the fact that I now hate competitive multiplayer. For a time, several years in fact, I couldn’t get enough of it. I played every night, had a good regular server, and while I wasn’t the best I...

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Preview: It's back, and this time it's global...

They say lightening never strikes twice... but then again they also say that an apple a day keeps the Doctor away, and that the chances of anything coming from Mars was a million to one. With Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Valve hope to re-create the success and cult status that the original release (which started life as a mod for Half-Life) achieved in its life. We...