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One Of Gaming's Most Iconic Maps - Dust2 - Is Getting A Makeover

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When people talk about the dawn of the multiplayer FPS genre, it's always Doom, Quake and Counter Strike crowding the conversation. But Counter Strike has managed to stand the test of time by offering up an individual map that's still a part of the eSports scene - Dust2. And it's getting another makeover real soon.

This CS:GO Mod Brings PUBG Gameplay To The Former King Of FPS Titles

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When last we checked, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (or PUBG) had pulled ahead of Counter Strike: Global Offensive in terms of concurrent players through Steam. Considering both titles are only playable through Valve's content delivery network, it's safe to say which is the current king - at least outside places like South Korea and China, at least.

Steam Community Artists Hit Breaking Point As Potential Income Falls 6x With Recent Steam Workshop Changes

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Artists are constantly battling against those who assume their work isn't worth a dime, and Valve are essentially doing the same according to artists currently offering up their work through the Steam Workshop.

After Its First Appearance In Counter Strike 1.1, De_Dust2 Won't Be Showing Up At This Year's CS:GO Major

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After carrying the torch for the well over a decade, de_dust2 won't be making an appearance at the next Counter Strike: Global Offensive Major.

It's Time For Team Fortress 2 To Quit With The Gambling - Valve Swings At Its Own Hat Simulator

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Remember when a popular YouTuber only grew more popular late last year after uncovering a dark secret to how other YouTubers were making the big bucks by enticing users to a Counter Strike: Global Offensive gambling scheme through staged videos? Well, it's apparently happening again. Only this time on Valve's beloved hat simulator Team Fortress 2.

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