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CrimeCraft Summer update released

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Vogster Entertainment has announced today the release of the Summer Update for their gangbanger first person shooter MMO CrimeCraft, adding new features, content and a new Assault, Capture, Destroy (ACD) game mode, as well as a new "death camera" and a spectator mode that allows up to eight users to follow other players in a match or switch to a free-roaming camera mode at will.

Revamped CrimeCraft goes live

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Vogster's troubled third-person shooter MMO CrimeCraft is featuring a major update that revamps nearly the entire game, adding new modes and options. The press release states that many of the updates are the suggestions from the players themselves.

Console CrimeCraft "on our radar"

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Vogster Entertainment have always kept MMO CrimeCraft on the 'console radar' as they would "absolutely love" to hit the next-gen console platforms.

Especially if they could secure "cross platform" play too. Console players are "very accepting" of micro-transaction based MMOs. No plan in motion.