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Crysis Warhead Reviews


Crysis Warhead Review

Warhead still commands the top spot when it comes to laying down pixels. You will not find a game that beats Warhead in the graphics department...

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7.6 My Score My Opinion · by Malthak ·

Good Points:Great graphics,a wide variety of weapons to choose from and very interesting cutscenes.The controls are quite easy and the minimap provides you with anything you want showing to you every enemy who is close to you.The nanosuit mods of course.

Bad Points:Just like Crysis,Warhead provides you with a lame shooting action.Firing is almost only effective when you are behind a rock or a tree defending yourself and using your nanosuit powers to defeat your enemies.

Synopsis:Crysis Warhead can become a very interesting game but there are still many problems which developers should face.With this expansion Crysis still remains a legend behind its graphics while firing and explosions are not what we were waiting for.Still Warhead can entertain you though you will surely be hungry for action in the end.

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