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You'll Throw Your Controller At Your Own Head More Than The Wall.

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The Best Indie Games on PC

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Sometimes, small indie teams produce the most engaging gameplay, the most captivating stories. Here are The Best Indie Games on PC you can play today.

Possible Or Not This Cuphead X Touhou Crossover Makes A Case For Eventual Mod Support

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Cuphead garnered most of its early attention not through word of mouth about its difficulty, but because of its 1930s cartoon aesthetic. Now that we've seen it all (for now) players are taking it upon themselves to imagine other games sharing a similar style.

A Single Player Is Claiming All The Cuphead Speedrun World Records

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Cuphead is a nostalgic side-scrolling platformer / boss rush run n' gun action game that, while incredibly hard for most, is a perfect speedrun candidate. With streamers finding fame in their ability to complete a specific video game far faster than your average joe, the exercise is big business. And this guy has them beat.

Cuphead Cheats And Unlocks - Filters, Expert Mode, And Unlimited Coins/Super

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With most passerby seeing Cuphead as a zany platformer, going into the game itself itself will come as quite a shock. Though there are 6 perfectly placed platformer stages, Cuphead is a run n' gun Boss Mode brawl - and a very difficult one at that. Just like the games it attempts to emulate, Cuphead cheats are certainly a thing. But only to those who dabble in the dark arts.

Here's How To Find Every Secret Hidden Coin In Cuphead's 4 Overworld Zones For That 100% Rating

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While fairly simple at its core, Cuphead has a few little secrets. Some of these hide in plain sight, whereas others are purposefully hidden and will technically never be seen. Finding shortcuts to other levels in each Overworld isn't usually too tough, but did you know there are hidden coins on those screens, too?

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