Dead Island 2 Features

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Preview: No, not the MOBA. Or that third-person spin-off. And no, not the Techland one either. Look, just read the preview already, okay?

Please don't get confused. After the first Dead Island did hugely well Deep Silver were confident that they could turn it into a franchise, which is why we're expecting three Dead Island games right now. There's a MOBA, a third-person more adventure-y spin-off, and Dead Island 2. No, Riptide wasn't a proper sequel. And no, Techland (who made the first...

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Interview: The dead are on the move again and Chris Capel talks how best to bash them in the face with Yager's Isaac Ashdown.

With Dead Island and Riptide developer Techland off doing Dying Light for Warner Bros, the gap was there for another developer to take the reins for Dead Island 2. Enter Yager, fresh off the well-received Spec Ops: The Line, and they're keen to put their stamp on the sequel. How do I know this? Well, I sat down with a member of their team at EGX to talk zombies,...