Dead Island: Riptide Features

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Interview: What is a 'Riptide', anyway?

Despite causing a lot of controversy with grotesque busts, Dead Island Riptide is still just a game, and one that’s not really easy to define either. It’s not an expansion, as those aren’t really a ‘thing’ anymore for multi-platform games, it’s not really a spin-off, as it’s heavily connected to the original game, but it’s not a sequel either, as everything is still pretty the much the same, just tweaked...

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Preview: Anyone fancy a swim?

Riptide occupies that rather odd place in videogames – it’s not an expansion, not really a full-ledged sequel, it’s not really a spin-off either as it involves all the characters and events of the original game – it just IS. A combination of wanting to respond to fan feedback and to include anything that couldn’t quite make it into the first game, Riptide is essentially more of the same,...