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Dead Island Features

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Preview: We get a follow up look at Dead Island's Co-Op mode...

In way, Dead Island has arrived late to its own party. First announced back in 2005 (with an original release year of 2008), developer Techland have had to watch franchises like Left4Dead, Resident Evil and Silent Hill succeed (more or less) in their absence. That's not to mention the penchant for unrelated franchises like Call of Duty and...

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Preview: E3 2011: We get a close-up look at Dead Island...

Dead Island has been one of the more interesting projects recently, having been announced as far back as 2005 and not showing its face til its controversial trailer a few months ago depicting the very depressing scene of a family being torn apart on a vacation by zombies. It depicted the death and life of a zombie girl and how she became that way, and it evoked such a strong...

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Interview: We had a pleasant chat with Dead Island's Producer Adrian Ciszewski.

Mike Bowden: From your first title, Crime Cities all the way through to the recent Call of Juarez, plot seems to have played an important role in your games. What can you tell us about the story behind Dead Island? Is story just as important this time?Adrian Ciszewski: Storyline is always important for us. I think that the...