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Fallout meets The Walking Dead, from the makers of the former? Don't mind if we do!

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DoubleBear release "definitive enhanced edition" of Dead State, all-new content for free in Reanimated update

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The zombie survival RPG Dead State from indie DoubleBear Productions is shuffling with a new lease on life as the small team has just released their major 'Reanimated' update / upgrade to the shelter management sim.

They've overhauled the turn-based combat thanks to months of community feedback, made the AI considerably smarter and fulfil specific roles, added a new Hardcore mode with player infection, and a whole lot more.

DoubleBear launch "brand new" Dead State demo alongside new patch

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If freerunning over a zombie-infested city isn't your thing then maybe you'd rather manage a shelter? DoubleBear Productions has just released a new patch for Dead State, as well as release a new playable demo.

The demo is a "brand new" slice of the turn-based survivor, and lets you experience the first 7 days and includes 15 other survivors and 18 unique locations to explore. Saves will transfer over if you buy.

Turn-based zombie shelter Dead State updated, removes 'super hearing' undead

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DoubleBear Productions has released their latest update for Dead State, and most likely the last one of this year. It addresses a number of issues like quests looping, cars disappearing and pathfinding.

They've also increased "noise dampening" in multi-floor levels to stop zombies magically hearing everything. Perhaps one of the biggest changes is the addition of an autosave function.

Dead State receives "final patch before launch," community feedback vital

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Developer DoubleBear Productions has now released their final pre-release beta patch for turn-based RPG Dead State, which has us managing a shelter in the wake of a zombie outbreak in Texas.

The indie studio started Dead State after a successful Kickstarter campaign and has been on Early Access for a while. It's expected to achieve a full release next month.

Dead State updated with character creation, new locations and 'backbone features'

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DoubleBear Productions' zombie survivalist RPG and strategy Dead State has just been updated on Steam Early Access. Character creation is now available, along with new locations and two random encounters.

Now the studio can focus "improving on and building out" current features instead of adding all-new ones, and this update represents "a small amount" of their overall work.

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