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Stardock celebrates 20th anniversary with Steam sale

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Stardock has announced that it's celebrating its 20th anniversary by having a Steam sale. The deal will slash prices between 50 to 75 percent on games and downloadable content.

Gas Powered Games with 'Project W' teaser site, counting down 26 days

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Supreme Commander developer Gas Powered Games has gone live with a teaser site for something known as 'Project W', and they ask are you "ready for something wild?" It's got a countdown ticking away.

Some announcement or other is heading our way in 26 day's time, which would be January 14th. The only thing that's been on at GPG is Kings and Castles, which stalled in 2011. What's going on?

Rumor: DOTA2 reveal at Gamescom

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It seems that Valve will be unveiling the long-awaited sequel to their popular Warcraft III mod, Defense of the Anicents, at Gamescom.

Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA2) is likely to debut at Gamescom due to a listing on the official expo site that shows Valve as an exhibitor set to show a product under the "strategy" category.

GPG "got a lot of interest" in Demigod sequel, big investment in IP

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Gas Powered Games' Demigod, inspired by the likes of the Warcraft 3 mod DoTA, apparently has sequel interests floating around.

Chris Taylor says they "spent a lot of money" in the core game and its IP and may be able to "make some of the money back" with a sequel.