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It Looks Like 'Prey' Developer Arkane Are Gearing Up To Compete With Destiny And Anthem

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Judging from a recent job opportunity listing, there's every chance Arkane studios could be the next big-name developer to abandon single-player narratives.

The Destiny Franchise Will Officially Arrive On PC When Destiny 2 Launches September 8

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People awoke this fine morning with expecting a Destiny 2 reveal. They got it - but through a leak. Several hours later, the confirmation came through from Bungie themselves. Destiny 2 releases September 8 - and PC players are formally invited.

Activision's Earnings Report Strongly Supports Rumours Of A Destiny 2 PC Release

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Just like with Take-Two before it, the quarterly earnings calls are the best source of information this time of year. And Activision's performance briefing makes good mention of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Will Reportedly See A PC Release

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A reputable and credible source over on NeoGAF seemingly shed some light on the upcoming sequel to mega-popular shooter Destiny yesterday by commenting on how the title is aiming to separate itself as 'a totally new game' while going as far to promise there being a PC release this time around.

User Shinobi602 went a little further when questioned by Kotaku suggesting the sequel will feature a whole new story with much bigger planet 'playspaces'. Planets featured in the original game could possibly return in the form of new content re-engineered with these larger areas in mind.

Destiny on PC Is More Likely After Dropping Old-Gen Support

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While it's been forever bewildering to thing how one of the biggest shooters of the past two generations has eluded the PC, but speaking to GameReactor, Bungie's lead engineer Luis Villegas seems to think that by dropping support for the aging PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 could convince the company to take on another platform.

Presumably handling 4 different versions of the same game was a little too much for Bungie to consider adding a fifth to the pile, but following on from the release of Rise of Iron, the company has shed the weight of the older generation citing how 90% of the current player-base has moved up to current gen platforms.

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