Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Summary


Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Review

Death stalks the land, but so does the new Smart Loot.

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UPDATE: Diablo III's Necromancer Class Is Now Live

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After a beta release back in April, the Necromancer class will go live on Diablo III after next week's regular maintenance on June 27.

The New Diablo III Beta Features Patch 2.6.0 And The Upcoming Necromancer Class

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With Patch 2.5.0 and the Diablo Anniversary event coming within a few weeks of each other, it's easy to forget that a new class would be coming to Diablo III in the new year.

Relive Tristram's Past In Today's Diablo III Patch 2.4.3

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We spent most of 2016 clinging to the hope that one of the year's rumors would turn out to be true - a potential remake of a classic Diablo game. And while it proved to not quite be the case in the end, we were to get something almost as good; an anniversary event that would bring a chunk of Diablo history to Diablo III.

David Brevik Isn't Helping With a Diablo Sequel - Opts To Help Bring Competitor To China Instead

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Hearken back to just a few days ago. A day when Blizzard rumors were as rife as ever, and people had started to put two and two together after spotting Diablo II lead, David Brevik, back on the California campus amidst a slew of other Diablo related hints. Well, it turns out it had nothing to do with what we'd hoped. At least not for now.

Tweets And Sightings of Diablo II Lead David Brevik Stir Diablo IV Rumors Before Blizzcon

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It took more than 10 years for us to see a real successor to Diablo II, and even though Diablo III has been around for a little while now, even with the expansion taken into mind, it seems far too early to expect a full-blown sequel.

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