Divinity: Original Sin Features

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Preview: Chris Capel gets an early look at Larian's Kickstarter RPG.

It never rains but it pours. You wait ages for a bunch of great Kickstarter titles and they all turn up at the same time. Typical. Unlike fellow RPG Wasteland 2 however Larian’s Divinity: Original Sin is not available on Steam Early Access, only to backers who’d paid for the privilege. It’s also most notably not a Beta like Wasteland 2 (which means complete and...

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Preview: Fancy an apple?

Following the success of the Original Sin Kickstarter, we figured now was a good opportunity to share some hands-on impressions with a build of the game we tried out. Obviously, none of the Kickstarter stuff is going to be present yet as they’ve only gotten the funding for it, but it’s still good to see where the game is right now, so we can see how it might get better over time. Larian...