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Doom 64 may not be a Switch exclusive

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Doom's official Twitter account has just suggested that the upcoming Switch exclusive, Doom 64, may come out on other platforms, too.

VietDOOM is Apocalypse Now in DOOM

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This total conversion mod for the original DOOM is as far removed from the original as it could possibly get. Here's why we're excited about it.

Doom 64 has been rated for a PC release

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The original Nintendo 64 version of Doom seems to be coming to PC soon, according to latest info.

John Romero's new FPS Sigil is Doom Episode 5

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On the 25th Anniversary of the original Doom, and John Romero has revealed his latest game Sigil - otherwise known as Doom Episode 5, and it'll be free.

ModDB Introduces - a Cross-Platform Mod API That May Yet Revolutionise Modding

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The renowned modding website ModDB is now working on something new and exciting that may well change how game modifications are perceived at large.

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