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Doom 3 Review

The game looks phenomenal, and reminds us of the glory days of staying up late playing Doom back in '93, but what has changed since then?

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Doom 3 + GTKRadiant in one package. · by markpage ·

I give Doom 3 a 9. This is largly to do with the fact that since learning to use the editor (Thankyou Brian Trepanier for your video tutorials) ive gotten more from this game than any game i ever played in my life, well... except maybe Chrono Trigger on the Snes...Ahh, what wonderful memories... Anyway, where was i... Oh yeah, Doom 3. As i was saying, i'm not really rating this game, i'm rating the whole package, but if you want my honest opinion about the game alone i'd probably go for maybe an 8.2 rating. This is largely down to the lack of variety in terms of visuals, the thing i always remember about the original is speeding through the first boring episode, i couldn't wait to get to the castley structures and the hellish atmosphere that came with the next episodes, and i found myself doing the same with Doom 3. I remember sitting playing level after level thinking, "I must nearly be at the hell level's now", and no sooner had i got to the hell level (LEVEL), i'd finished it and i was now back in the usual space station scenery again, i suppose that's why 90 percent of the levels ive made are largely based on the castley structures of the original doom hell levels. Also i missed the never ending hoards of enemy's that the original threw at you, letting lose on about 30 or so enemy's with a chaingun was awesome to say the least, and yes, i know that was largely because the enemy's were sprites and not poly's, but painkiller seemed to pull it off very well, and with some of the most impressive gibbing and particles fx ive ever seen in a game, you could run around about 20-30 enemy's to get them into a group, then pull out the rocket launcher, shoot one right in the middle of them and watch as they all errupt into a mass of gibs and blood... so cool even now. All i can say for Doom 4 is please... please let there be more hellish castley levels, and not so much of the space station corridors. Also, lots of monsters. With all this in mind, ID software are still one of the best software teams to date, taking pride in what they do and being reliable in what they do. Thankyou ID.

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