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Dragon's Prophet Latest News

Dragon's Prophet update adds mounted combat

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Free to play MMORPG Dragon's Prophet has released a major update today that allows players to take part in mounted combat. If you've ever wanted to ride about on a dragon, here's your chance. There's also a new dungeon and several other additions.

Dragon's Prophet goes all Christmassy with the Silver Dragon event

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In yet more Christmas related news (I'm sure you're not fed up of all these festive events yet) free-to-play MMORPG Dragon's Prophet has announced their own Christmas event, with the Silver Dragon festival.

The event promises two new dungeons as well as various winter-themed prizes and decorations to obtain. There's even a special Xmas dragon to catch.

Dragon's Prophet's Skylord system released in new update

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Infernum Productions has announced that the Skylords feature which will allow players to rise to power as leaders.

Aluntia zone to be added to Dragon's Prophet soon

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Dragon's Prophet was released a week ago, and German-developer Infernum has already announced a new zone, Aluntia, which will be added to the MMO.

Dragon's Prophet MMO launched worldwide

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Sony Online Entertainment has announced that developer Infernum Productions' new action-MMO, Dragon's Prophet, has launched across Europe and North America. As the title implies, the MMO is dragon-centric, with over 300 species of dragons to work with.

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