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Diablo of a game! · by paelleon ·

Dungeon Siege (DS) is a Diablo-like game that allows the player to command a group of characters into an epic adventure to defeat an evil lord.
While the story is trivial, technically this game is far better than the Blizzard's game.
First, you command a GROUP of people... in real time! How can this be possible? Easy, The geniuses of GPG mixed some RTS AI into an RPG! For every character you can set some priorities to allow him/her be commanded by the AI (much like the enemies) and fight without the player's intervention. So: a mage will cast fireballs at groups of enemies IF he's sure not to hit friendlies; an healer will automatically cure anyone whose HP are bellow a determined level; your heavy grunt will charge the most dangerous enemy to keep it away from the archer that is instructed to cover him. The instructions that can be made are so flexible that sometimes the game may be boring! The AI fights itself! Wonderful!
Second, there are more types of scenarios, from huge forest to wind-swept deserts all have very good sounds effects.
Third..... in your party can contain a bloodly pack MULE! Finally a fantasy game that allow the player to pack the loot to sell to the nearby city! Protect it!

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