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Empire Earth Reviews


Empire Earth Review

Empire Earth is indeed an ambitious project. There are 14 different epochs that give the game vast replay possibilities.

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The best RTS ever! · by paelleon ·

This game has almost all things other games don't imagine even now! Large maps, custom civilizations, good sounds, impressive number of well reproduced historical and fictional units, magic (I don't like it much though) and mass destruction weapons.
Chosing to advance in epoch (there are 14 of them!!) is not an easy choice, it cost HUGE amount of precious resources and it get worser with every advancement. So matches are longer than the usual RTS and the gameplay is much slower giving people time to think innovative tactics. I love this!
Perhaps only Warzone 2100 or Earth 2150-2160 (with their research tree and custom built units) are as good as this masterpiece.
Graphic is not important, but it's good nevertheless.

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