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Petroglyph announce Grey Goo, "modeled on vintage RTS gameplay"

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Rejoice PC RTS brethren! Petroglyph, a refuge of former Westwood Studios developers, has announced their new real-time strategy game, Grey Goo. It's coming to PC this fall via Steam, and yes LAN is supported!

They want to apply that secret Command & Conquer sauce by doing away with "tedium and frustration" that plagues most RTS experiences today, like unit abilities to micromanage.

Trion Worlds puts End of Nations development on “hold”

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End of Nations was originally meant to be a MMORTS, although when the game's development team shifted from Petroglyph Games to Trion Worlds, it was decided that the direction would change and the game turned into a MOBA.

Trion Worlds closes San Diego office

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MMO developer Trion Worlds has closed its San Diego office, shortly after laying off the Defiance dev team and re-forming End of Nations into a MOBA.

End of Nations "doesn't really fit nicely into either" MOBA or RTS

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Trion Worlds has revealed a significant change with Petroglyph's original MMORTS plans for End of Nations, as the publisher took the project in-house and retooled it as a MOBA game instead, or did they?

According to executive producer Scot Lane it "doesn't really fit nicely" into either MOBA or RTS categories, but they do see it as the "next evolution of the genre."

End of Nations retooled as vehicle-based MOBA

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The MMORTS plans for End of Nations have been scuppered, but Trion Worlds hasn't thrown the entire project away. Instead the studio has had it re-emerge as a vehicle-based MOBA. Beta invites are a go.

It's got something of a Transformers-vibe, at least in naming. It's a free-to-play MOBA and is perhaps an interesting enough direction to salvage End of Nations, which was taken from Petroglyph.

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