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World War II shooter Enemy Front out now

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Square Enix Ltd. and CI Games have released Enemy Front, their World War II first-person shooter, on PC and last-gen consoles today.

Largely set amidst the chaos of the Warsaw Uprising, Enemy Front also has you traveling to various other locations across Europe, blasting Nazis with classic WWII-era weaponry as you go.

Enemy Front launch trailer parachutes into WWII Europe

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Square Enix and CI Games have released the official launch trailer for their World War II shooter Enemy Front, coming to PC and consoles next week.

Watch American journalist protagonist Robert Hawkins turn from nervous war correspondent to BJ Blaskowicz-style super-soldier.

Enemy Front multiplayer trailer showcases 12-player deathmatch gameplay

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Here's the first multiplayer trailer for CI Games' World War II shooter Enemy Front, showcasing the game's frantic 12-player skirmishes.

When Enemy Front launches next week players can expect familiar Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes, alongside the more mysterious Freedom Fighter mode, which CI haven't detailed yet.

Square Enix to distribute Enemy Front and Lords of the Fallen in Europe

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CI Games' modern WW2 first-person shooter and action RPG Lords of the Fallen will be packaged up and shipped out by Square Enix in France, the UK and Ireland.

This is part of an expansion on their partnership in France. Enemy Front is due for release this June while Lords of the Fallen is scheduled later in 2014.

Enemy Front Limited Edition detailed

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It's been a while since we had a proper World War II FPS, a genre that once dominated the gaming landscape like one of those big dinosaur chaps with the long necks. CI Games are hoping to change that with upcoming shooter Enemy Front, and now they've detailed a Limited Edition version with a bunch of extra goodies.

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