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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Review

Neon dragons that fire laser beams from their eyes in the worst/best '80s film never made..

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Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars DLC - Where To Find The Blood Dragon Easter Egg

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There's a hidden Blood Dragon easter egg in Far Cry 5's latest DLC expansion, Lost On Mars! We'll show you exactly where to find it!

Ubisoft survey registers consumer interest in various future Far Cry settings - including a dinosaur island

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Ever since the original Far Cry introduced us to the series' particular brand of tropical shooting back in 2004, fans have been wondering just how much the games would be improved by the introduction of dinosaurs. Seventy-five per cent? Three hundred per cent?

It appears that current developer Ubisoft isn't entirely opposed to the concept either. In a recent consumer survey sent out by the company, it asked several players what they would like to see in a future Far Cry game.

'Far Cry: The Wild Expedition' out February 21st, includes Far Cry Classic

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The compilation bundle Far Cry: The Wild Expedition from Ubisoft will be out February 21st now, as it delays from the 14th. Ubisoft has released a new Far Cry Classic launch trailer, which is part of the bundle.

It's the original Far Cry updated with HD splendidness, and includes some beefed up game mechanics. It comes to PC at around £24.99, and £29.99 for consoles.

Ubisoft Shanghai contributing to "next Far Cry"

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Once again Ubisoft Shanghai is aiding in the development of the Far Cry series, according to the LinkedIn profile of studio design manager Xavier Plagnal who's serving as "content director" on the project.

This would almost certainly be Far Cry 4, which Ubisoft has teased would be revealed 'soon'. Far Cry 3 propelled the series back into favour after the so-so Far Cry 2.

Ubisoft announce Far Cry: The Wild Expedition for PC and console February 14th

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Ubisoft has just announced the impending arrival of Far Cry: The Wild Expedition which is a compilation of all Far Cry games, from the original all the way to the Blood Dragon.

It's expected to be reasonably priced to bring the cheer of hunting folks down, in jungle or desert, and using some rather serious firepower while doing it. It's due out February 14th.

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