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Football Manager hits the big screen in feature-length documentary

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Sega and developer Sports Interactive have partnered with Vue Cinemas and producers FilmNova to release a feature length Football Manager documentary studying the impact of the game in both in wider culture and the professional world of football.

An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary is rumoured to include a scene where I throw a cup at the wall after losing to Oldham Athletic on penalties in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

Real football clubs are now using Football Manager to scout players

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Real football teams are now using elements of the Football Manager engine to search for new players. The game's database of playing staff is being integrated into performance analysis software Prozone Recruiter, a programme already used by several high-profile clubs.

“The database is a highly accurate and valuable resource. It will further enhance the recruitment services we provide,” says said Prozone XO Thomas Schmider.

Football Manager 2014 fixes various issues, sorts Belgium out

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Sports Interactive have released a new patch for Football Manager 2014, fixing various problems and removing a bug that caused the Belgian league season not to be scheduled.

Most of the changes pertain to the temperamental 3D match engine, and includes fixes to reduce wild challenges and long range shot attempts.

FIFA Manager 14 "last instalment" in the EA Sports series

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FIFA Manager founder and designer Gerald Kohler has issued an open letter to fans of the simulation series announcing that EA Sports is retiring it. It's a "highly specialised" type of game that caters to a niche.

England and Germany are the two 'primary' communities for football management sims, and rival Football Manager from SEGA has "practically dominated the market" for some time.

Football Manager 2013 pirated with 10.1m copies, most from China

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Miles Jacobson from Sports Interactive has revealed the cracked version of Football Manager 2013, which occurred May 12th of this year, contained a significant flaw that let the studio track pirated copies.

He revealed 10.1 million copies were pirated, with 3.2m from China alone, followed by Turkey with 1.05m and then Portugal with 781,785. Even the Vatican had a copy.

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