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After 6 Years In Development, Epic Games' 'Fortnite' Resurfaces - Arrives In Early Access Next Month

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Fortnite. It's something you likely heard about many years ago and either completely forgot about or pondered every few months of its whereabouts.

Epic: We're still committed to Fortnite

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Remember Fortnite? The Unreal Engine 4-powered zombie tower defense shooter that was announced way back in 2011? In the last year or so, there have been no updates about the promising co-op game, which has led some to think it's vaporware or worse, quietly dropped.

Epic refutes the idea, saying that development is going strong on it, and that it's just taken a backseat to Paragon for now.

Alpha for sandbox action game Fortnite kicks off today, registration still open

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The first Alpha for Epic's sandbox action title Fortnite gets underway today, beginning what the developer very pithily calls “Fortnite Alpha Fortnight”.

Very clever. Epic says that the game's blend crafting and zombie-smiting is currently “still rough around the edges”, but that early testing will help straighten out any flaws.

Epic Games open alpha registrations for Fornite

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The free-to-play third-person fortress builder Fornite from Epic Games features in May's Game Informer issue, and the studio is now accepting alpha registrations for when they begin their testing phase.

In Fortnite players must explore their environments and scavenge resources to build fortresses to hold off waves of attacking creatures. It's RPG-like with a loot system and PvP.

Gamble: UE4-powered titles are "at least 50/50 - if not 70/30" new IPs

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Epic's Mike Gamble has said there's plenty of new properties on the way with Unreal Engine 4, with at least half being completely new IP. In fact a lot of studios are undertaking "franchise iteration and a new IP."

Early 2015 is "where a lot of them seem to be aiming." Epic maybe quiet now but they'll be "everywhere again," once the titles start to announce. "You'll be thoroughly sick of us!"

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