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Fortnite Cross Platform Play with PS4 Coming, in Beta Now

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Want to play Fortnite PS4 with your friends on PC, Xbox One, or Switch? It now looks like Sony will allow Fortnite cross-platform play very soon, and there's a beta to try right now.

Fortnite Age Restriction: What Age Rating Is Fortnite?

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As a parent, you may have seen the "free download" button and the cartoony visuals of Fortnite on your kid’s console of choice and thought nothing of it, but what is the Fortnite Age Restriction? It isn’t as kid-friendly as you might think.

Fortnite Divorce is Now a Thing, According to Sources

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This may well be the strangest of timelines...

Fortnite: Content Update v4.5 Adds the Tommy Gun

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Check out the latest batch of content that Epic Games have released for Fortnite.

Get Creative in Fortnite's Brand New Playground Mode

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Tired of all the murder going on around you? Build a thing in Fortnite's long-awaited Playground, available now.

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