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Fortnite Patch V3.6 Released - Patch Notes reveal Clinger Grenade and more

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Epic Games has revealed that Fortnite Patch v3.6 will be released tomorrow, with downtime expected to start at 8am GMT / 4am ET, but we don't yet know what changes it will contain.

Fortnite Week 10 Challenges and How To Complete Them

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All the Week 10 Challenges for Fortnite: Battle Royale have been datamined and revealed! Here's all the details and what you'll need to do to get those Battle Stars!

Epic Games Teases That Fortnite Is Heading To China On 23rd April

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Fortnite is full of mystery and mayhem at the moment, mostly down to that dreaded meteor in the sky, which has most of the community believing that Tilted Towers will soon be destroyed.

Fortnite has earned over $126 Million in February alone

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Fortnite: Battle Royale's recent mobile launch boosted the earnings of the already popular game significantly, and across all platforms, it raked in $126 million in just one month.

Fortnite Week 9 Challenges and How To Complete Them

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The Week 9 Challenges for Fortnite Battle Royale have been datamined! Check them all out here!

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