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Epic Games Store - List of Exclusive Games Available on the Store

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The Epic Games Store is live with its first batch of games and first two freebie announcements.

2 Milly plans to sue Epic Games for Dance Move in Fortnite

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The rapper is not too happy about Epic Games selling his signature dance move in Fortnite. Action may be pending.

Epic Games are handing out 2000 V-Bucks to Players with wrongly banned accounts in Fortnite

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In a show of humility, Epic Games are giving out $20 worth of premium currency for mistakenly banning players in Fortnite.

Fortnite Cross Platform Play with PS4 Coming, in Beta Now

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Want to play Fortnite PS4 with your friends on PC, Xbox One, or Switch? It now looks like Sony will allow Fortnite cross-platform play very soon, and there's a beta to try right now.

Fortnite Age Restriction: What Age Rating Is Fortnite?

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As a parent, you may have seen the "free download" button and the cartoony visuals of Fortnite on your kid’s console of choice and thought nothing of it, but what is the Fortnite Age Restriction? It isn’t as kid-friendly as you might think.

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