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Hybrid-MOBA 'Gigantic' Developer Motiga Is Shutting Down Just 4 Months After The Game's Launch

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Gigantic only officially launched in July this year, but the unique take on the MOBA genre with some genuinely interesting characters and gameplay wasn't able save developer Motiga.

Promising A New Hero Every Week, Gigantic Welcomes Oru, The Damage-Dealing Fortune Teller

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Having gone through some very rough patches of development as as Windows 10 Store exclusive, we can imagine Gigantic struggled to pull in beta test participants until it was allowed to release onto Steam. With the Team-based shooter/MOBA hybrid now out in the open, Motiga are promising a new Hero character every week. This time, it's Oru's turn.

There's Two More Beta Tests Coming For Motiga's 'Gigantic' Cross-Platform MOBA

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If you enjoyed the previous beta test for Montiga's 'Gigantic' MMO earlier this month, you'll be glad to know it's almost time to go in for the second round. There's an Open Beta period coming next week.

Gigantic - The Large Scale MOBA - Is Having An Open Beta Test Weekend

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There's no shortage of MOBA titles on the market these days. Going the same route as the MMO and the typical shooter, the market is full of choice when it comes to the genre. And while most of them are free, some are not - but this one certainly is for the weekend.

Gigantic developer engages in second round of layoffs in two months

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Two months ago, Gigantic developer Motiga laid off 16 staff members, with the developer stating it was undeterred in its quest to bring the crossplatform MOBA to PC and Xbox One. Today, the developer announced more "significant, temporary studio layoffs."

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