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Half-Life: The Black Box Summary

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Valve's Marc Laidlaw releases 'teaser' video

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How, within a simple few seconds, do you get a significant player base frothing at the mouth? You get a Valve executive to teasingly point at the number '3' in an elevator, before choosing another level in the building.

Naturally this might be thought of as a Half-Life 3 trolling, but there's a real significant chance this might be for a Left 4 Dead 3 reveal. It's got an 'L', a '3' and a '4' in the clip.

Mod team "grateful beyond expression" to Valve as 'Half-Life co-op' goes standalone

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Sven Co-op turns the original Half-Life campaign, as well as others, into a playable co-op experience. Valve is so impressed they're supporting a full standalone version to release over Steam.

That means you wouldn't need to buy Half-Life or it's add-ons in order to enjoy the Sven Co-op mod, which is currently at version 4.8. They get total control over the engine.

Valve had submarine game plans, studio 'could end up revisiting'

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Before Half-Life cemented PC developer Valve in most gamers' hearts forever, Gabe Newell reveals they had plans to release a submarine title.

The boss says that no idea 'ever really dies' at Valve, it's more a question of "how long until we get around" to it. It's their "furthest back" unshipped project.

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