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The Best Single Player Games On PC

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Single player games tend to trade the thrill of playing with or against other folk by giving players deeper, more interesting worlds to explore at their own pace with deeper narrative elements, with some exceptions. We've put together some of the finest single player games into a comprehensive list to help you with picking your next adventure.

Ready Your Half-Life 3 Ideas - The Original Half-Life Just Received An Update After 19 Years

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In yet another string of events that's likely to have someone calling out Half-Life 3 confirmed, Valve have stirred the pot by updating the original Half-Life first released in 1998.

Black Mesa - The Ambitious Half-Life Fanmake - Is Nearly Complete

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Unlike a certain few other publishers, Valve seem completely open - and encouraging - to the idea of fans doing what they won't. Those fans are almost done recreating Half-Life in its entirety, and they're dishing out a quick sneak-peek.

Half Life VR in the works?

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Valve News Network has reported that there is hope for Half-Life fans in the form of an all-new VR game.Valve recently released a Steam VR app called Destinations. Someone looked through the games files and found, a project titled HL:VR with code pointing to the experimentation with Half-Life assets in VR.

Half-Life: 3 is advertised at Gamescom and yes, it’s a dumb joke

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This is the kind of story you can only read with sigh and a slow, disapproving shake of the head. Gamescom 2016 opens as of tomorrow, and already giant banners adorn the German convention center advertising upcoming titles like Dishonored 2 and Titanfall 2. Along with that, an unexpected banner in trademark orange advertising Half-Life: 3.

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