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Interview: We get the 0010 on Hard Reset with Co-founder Klaudiusz Zych...

For many, there's been something missing from gaming - especially first-person-shooters - for a while now. Flying Wild Hog want you to know that they hear you, and are hoping to do something about it. They also want you to know that you're likely to die a horrible, metal-induced death if you play their new game Hard Reset. We talked to Co-founder and Programmer Klaudiusz Zych to...

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Preview: Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Well, this is nice. Good graphics, nice lighting... reminds me of Detroit from Deus Ex I guess... very run-down-near-future- esque. Oh, hey there little guy, what are yo-OH GOD IT'S TRYING TO SAW MY FACE OFF! Holy crap! There's MILLIONS OF THEM! What do I DO!? And where the bitch did that massive robot comes from! Run away! RUN AWAY! OH GOD HE'S CATCHING UP! HE's- *Dead*.