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Hard Reset Review

Chris Capel checks out the PC exclusive FPS from the makers of The Witcher, Painkiller and, er, Art of Murder: FBI Confidential.

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Hard Reset getting free DLC for Steam version

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Flying Wild Hog has announced that owners of the Steam version of their sci-fi shooter Hard Reset will automatically be getting the "Exile" content that was included in the retail Extended Edition version.

Flying Wild Hog to upgrade Hard Reset on Steam to Extended Edition for free

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Hard Reset developer Flying Wild Hog posted an image of binary numbers on their Facebook page, urging fans to interpret it.

Hard Reset Patch 1.2 Released - Adds Survival Mode and More

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Hard Reset will receive a few new content additions today, as Flying Wild Hog has announced that patch 1.2 is now available to download.

Survival Mode is perhaps the biggest piece of content that this new patch provides, which challenges the player to survive wave after wave of robotic onslaught.

Hard Reset patch 1.01 released

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Flying Wild Hog has released a patch, version 1.01, to tweak and fix some minor issues with their sci-fi shooter Hard Reset. The patch also adds a benchmark mode, for gamers concerned about their framerate, as well as additional key and mouse bindings.

Hard Reset demo now available

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Those of you curious about the sci-fi shooter Hard Reset can check out the demo, which contains a good portion of the first level, offering about 20-30 minutes of play time and has some level of replayability thanks to a wide range of weapon options (12 of 20 weapon modes are included) as well as featuring secret areas.

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