Hearts of Iron 2 Features

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Preview: Ciprian Borcescu, the new writer on SI, brings you this pre-look on Hearts of Iron sequel that's sheduled for early 2005 release.

The sequel to Hearts of Iron, Paradox's World War 2 grand strategy title, seems to remedy most of the mistakes of its predecessor, which was mostly a variation of the Europa Universalis engine, its complexity being one of the major downsides of the game. While in the first Hearts of Iron events didn’t always turn out historically, you could always have some of the more hostile...

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Interview: Our questions were caught and answered by Fredrik Lindgren, Sales and Marketing director heavily involved in Hearts of Iron 2 production. Read our convo below. Also check out the 2 latest exclusive shots they've sent us along.

Si: Hello. Hearts of Iron created a huge fan base and a lot of people are awaiting for its sequel. Tell us what are the biggest changes brought in the second HoI?